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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 26, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you want great videos, we got them "right this minute." ♪ good samaritans try to save a little boy stuck five stories up. >> hanging by his arms. >> what happened when rescuers had to resort to desperate measures. he's a marijuana activist also known as bong rip. >> find out why some are boiling mad over his haul at a soup kitchen. >> two boxes of macaroni and cheese!
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wing suit daredevil scottie bob is famous for cutting it -- >> very, very, very close. >> now, see the best of the best when it comes to near misses. plus, today's buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and you've seen the incredible claymations on our show. >> all done by mr. oz. >> find out how this "rtm" favorite is now hitting the big time. >> yeah, it was fate, i got to say and i'm one of these people that believes everything happens for a reason. they're designed to be a safety feature in tall buildings but i think these are more like steel cages of near death experiences for children in china, this little boy hanging by his arms from this steel cage that protects windows. but looks like the little boy slipped out the window and then fell through the bars that just aren't close enough to keep his little body from falling through. >> wow. and he is high up. look at that. >> five stories up in the air. it looks like some neighbors below have gone out their
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window. they were there for about half an hour before rescuers were able to show up. >> wow. and you got to think there's, like, four people hanging on this thing now. who knows if it's going to give way. >> but also think about the bars that are probably jamming into his poor little body. probably can't even breathe. >> when rescuers did show up they couldn't get into the apartment because no one was home. they had to cut the door open with this giant cutting tool before they could even get to the balcony. once rescuers got to him now they have to cut away the bars that are pinning him in there. >> oh. poor thing. >> yeah, but he's a little trouper, doesn't look like he's crying or tear me upset. they cut the bars away and gently lift this boy to safety not the first time we've seen something like this either. >> we've seen it too many times actually. >> scary situation but the boy was safe. there's a website out there that's gained quite the following it's called bong tv live, it's run by a guy named mark rowan 47 years old and also
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known as bong rip. over the past eight years he's gained thousands upon thousands of followers. live streaming audio and video on his website. his mission is what he calls marijuana activism. bong rip is getting a lot of attention right now for video that he did stream live on his website. here's bong rip talking to the camera from inside his limo. >> and look at me dressed in green, nicely shaven me if i'm homeless. are you homeless? i had to say yes. >> he decided to take his limo that he's in over to a local soup kitchen in huntingen tonhu california, and see what he could get. >> it looks like they live pretty good. >> a soup kitchen scam is what a lot of people are calling it and it has a lot of people mad. >> start off with a bag.
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toothpaste! let's see what else. old spice. under arm deodorant. old spice. >> so he has people upset because he seems so sarcastic and almost angry. >> two boxes of macaroni and cheese! i'm a king. >> and a lot of people who work for homeless shelters or volunteer at soup kitchens saying that he is exploiting the system going in and saying i'm homeless and taking people from actually do need these items. >> i don't put a lot of weight to what he says. it's offensive but he's offensive, why even waste breath on it. >> but the thing is now he has a platform and people watching this might sort of meeve the things that he's saying. >> [ bleep ] king. >> he might incite negative feelings about soup kitchens or homeless people because of his actions. >> the huntington beach police said, you know, he didn't do anything illegal. it's actually not illegal to go
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into a homeless shelter claiming that you're homeless and take goods and that i think is what is troubling people. and, in fact, some reports say that he's planning on going back and doing this again. there's a dangerous trend occurring in australia and police say not the wisest choice either. check out this commuter train. look at what this guy is doing on the back of this thing. he's doing what they are describing as train surfing hanging off the back of that train. officials say he's holding on to the wiper blade so he doesn't fall off. but notice there's something in his hand. is that his cell phone? >> it sure looks like it. instagraming, selfie on the train. >> no, worse, he's got a beer. he's beer guzzling while he is doing this and an official talked to 9 news and said not the smartest idea. people are looking that guy, like, what the heck is he doing. people are watching. this happened 11 times last month alone.
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last year it happened 75 times and they say many of the people involved in these incidents also vandalized the train so obviously they want it to stop because once conductors are alerted that somebody's on the back they say it's too late for them to do anything about it and these trains are not going slow. look at this video from some guy hanging off. they got a cell phone camera pigging up video and if adults are caught doing it the fine is $320, if they are kids the fine is 65 bucks if they get caught. >> they need to jack up the fines. make them super expensive. >> then see how many people do it, right? >> the crazy thing is this guy has a beard he's drunk train surfing. you don't drink and drive why are you going to drink while you are trying to hold on to a train from the outside where you could fall on the tracks? ipad mini giveaway's coming up, everybody. >> you'll need the wednesday buzzword to enter and win. >> you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway is coming up.
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we've had scottie bob on the show before he's an amazing wing suit pilot. we've seen some of his amazing feats on the show before flying through this crevice very, very, very close to the walk. that's kind of what he's known for is his close proximity flying. this is i had his latest compilation of some of hils flights and he did it for epic tv. >> that's what he's known for doing the crazy stunts taking the wing suit right to the very limits of what's possible. >> it's fun to watch. >> he's part of a group known as the new world aviators for obvious reasons. >> whoo. >> he just made that, like, bank around. >> yeah. >> you just don't get a second chance. you are curving around that rocky mountain. you get into it, there's no coming back. >> or a bird. hit a bird. >> yeah. >> i'm surprised he's able to cut that hard. he's really flying like a jet. i would think he wouldn't be able to turn.
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it would seem like he would drift through the air instead of making a turn like that. >> they know how to control. they know how to turn on a dime. >> that's what makes them amazing, that's what makes them the expert wing suit pilots. not everybody can do it. it takes a lot of time and a lot of flights and a lot of near misses which all of these guys have had. some dudes need a little help jump-starting their car so they turn to the trolley. >> kind of a good idea that goes really bad. >> the plan that goes all downhill from here. and this guy's going to bust a move but instead busts something else.
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this is kind of a good idea that goes really bad. well, all right, maybe it wasn't a good idea. these guys right here in this black car there's a problem with the car and they're trying to start it, so what they decide to do to jump-start it, instead of pushing the car, they quickly tie a rope to the front of the car and then tie the car to this trolley. kind of a good idea, right? >> no! >> instead of push starting your car you can use the trolley to pull your car. >> what happens when you start it and you are still tied to the trolley? >> yeah, it's a really bad idea. the people behind camera capturing all of this think it's
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quite hilarious. >> of course. >> the trolley takes off faster than they can get back into the car. >> oh. no. >> now they've wrecked another car not to mention their own car. >> and the police showed up! they wreck two other cars. their car smashed into that taxicab which then hit the car in front of it. >> oh. >> right at the moment a police officer drives by. if they would have waited another 30 seconds the officer might have been able to help them start the car but instead it turns into a big -- >> yeah. >> man. squirrel nibbles on nut. ♪
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all right, you guys are going to absolutely love this story. a wild act. i brought you guys this video. it was sent to us by one of our viewers named mr. oz a claymation video of the predator dancing. it was really good. he also sent us this video, you remember this? aliens that come down for christmas called "i still believe." not too long ago mr. oz had a booth at the baltimore comic-con and as fate would have it the folks from amc's comic book men were right across the aisle from mr. oz and mr. oz had a trailer running of some of his claymation work, they were impreed. if you know anything about comic book men it's produced by kevin smith a big hollywood name he's a writer, actor, director, producer. now, the guys involved in comic book men they have a podcast. very popular known as tell them
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steve, dave. >> from a movie. >> tell them steve dave. >> a very popular podcast. they have decided to back mr. oz, if you will, and in doing so have created a kick-starter program and they are trying to fund a 60-minute claymation professionally voiced movie all done by mr.'s on. started with a goal of $25,000 more than $60,000 has already been raised. still they've got a few days to go and to tell us about how exciting this is for him, we have mr. oz via skype "right this minute." welcome to the show. >> thanks so much, guys, it's an honor being here. i can't thank you guys enough. i've submitted my work to countless studios and honestly "right this minute" is the only one that really embraced it. thank you very much, i really appreciate it. >> we are so, so excited for you. we want to know how excited you are. >> it's amazing. this has been a really long road
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traveled. so many hours and so much time and even my own parents, what are you doing? try something else. no, look, someone out there will be, like, wow, this stuff is amazing. >> how do you do this? how do you create all this stuff with such great detail? >> i'll give you the short answer. loneliness and a lot of alone time. you move them, you take a frame, you move it, you take a frame. starts coming down and you get hungry, move it, take a frame. move it, take a frame. after about an hour, you know, his arm moves up. >> wow. >> that's my life. >> can you give us a heint what we can expect from the 60-minute feature that you are about to create? >> there's going to be christmas stories and they're going to be rather twisted. have no fear because when mr. oz the one-man production crew is involved, it will turn out to be pretty electric. it's a prank that would make you want to tell this dude's shoes -- >> to shut up.
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>> see how this prank squeaks by in the library. and -- >> anytime you take a great dane out in public people want to know all about him. >> why this was a trip to remember. >> no. >> oh. and don't miss the wednesday buzzword for your chance to twin an ipad mini next. $
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you're history.cscalalp, memeet selsun science. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. noisy people in a library, no worse. can't exactly tell this person to shhh because it's not this guy's mouth that's making the noise. tell the shoes to shut up. i love this, this is a prankster guy, they got a youtube channel. squeaky toys to the bottom of their shoes, but the best, we're
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walking around like they can't help it. i'm so sorry, my bad. people are kind of like what the -- >> this would drive my dog nuts. >> i think it's driving everybody nuts in the place because it looks like people are trying to study. they got their laptops in groups, whatever. >> people have a lot of free time on their hands. these guys came up with the idea to put squeaky toys on their shoes. >> i like it. it's actually kind of funnier when they are going slower. >> sorry. >> i dare somebody to walk in late to a lecture hall. >> he does go into a class at one point. >> hi. >> oh. >> and you are? >> please tell me this is the right class. >> no. >> that's embarrassing when you don't have squeaky shoes on when you show up in the wrong class. most people seem to get a chuckle out of it, most people are happy for the moment of levity in their stressful school
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day. >> are you able to take those off your shoes? >> yeah, it's just that my mom bought me these really crappy shoes. i told my mom not to buy these. pets cause you great joy, great embarrassment, great laughter. a couple of videos proving that point. this first video from juking video, a guy walks in, his lovely gray cat is sitting on the coffee table and he's pushing the coffee table out of the way because this guy is practicing his moves. watch what happens. it doesn't go so well. so, the cat just dive off his booty? >> the cat dive-bombed his booty. paul is out flying like the flying school and as he's doing the worm the booty booted the cat off the tree. watch again. >> oh, so, yeah, his butt catapulted. >> uh-huh. >> whoa, didn't mean to do that. his butt catapulted the cat. >> the cat won't break up another dance ses.
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anytime you see a great dane out in public people want to know all about them. >> the next video, this pet is causing quite a bit of embarrassment, he's at a pet store with his great dane ezekiel, but he's not happy to be where it is, but maybe so much he wants to mark his territory. watch this. >> no. no. >> oh! >> and so embarrassed. >> he's trying to figure out what the heck he's supposed to do when a great dane drops three gallons of urine in the middle of aisle three. >> you stand there looking all cool. everybody loves s ezekiel, he' such a big dog. he's beautiful. i'm cleaning your piss up in public. >> pressure washer and three mops in aisle 12. >> he's trying to clean it up with paper towels. >> how may i help you? all right, it's time for us to give away an ipad mini.
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>> you got to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident and most of all you have to have the buzzword to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page and go to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> all right. the buzzword for wednesday is parachute. >> now, get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> enter the wednesday buzzword parachute, p-a-r-a-c-h-u-t-e for your chance to win. a skier uses a metal detector to search for his iphone lost on the slopes. >> chris doesn't seem to find anything except this. >> the buried treasure that made the long search worth it. >> no. >> no.
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storm tracker 2. giving you clear accurate forecasts for the area where you live. live storm tracker 2 and the channel 2 weather team
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a pretty amazing rescue by the humane society in new
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england. that is a stunning snowy snowy owl that was found by animal control on a road. they believed it probably was hit by a car. they brought it in to the humane society where they discovered that it was doing okay with the exception of a fractured but not broken wing which means it would just need to heal. >> i love that they are feeding him with chopsticks and a sushi meal. >> it's awesome. they supervised it and made sure nothing else happened but they gave it time to heal and in this video we see the moment where the owl is finally healed. they take it out to a gorgeous beach where they're going to finally release it. you see this worker here grab the owl. they lift it. it spreads its wings. we have a beautiful shot of it and here it goes. >> this is great, beautiful, but they should have played r. kelly's "i believe i can fly at this moment" because how much better would that have been? i think it's time to update the old phrase like a needle in
3:57 pm
a haystack to an iphone on the ski slope. chris was skiing a week before this video was shot and he fell over moguls and the iphone fell out of his pocket. he tried to find it by hand, went out and bought a metal detector and went out a week later to go find his iphone because iphones aren't cheap. >> no. >> but there's no way he could find this phone. >> that's pretty much what every single one of his friends told chris. i looked up the type of metal detector to find 150 bucks. >> pricey. >> his buddy lane is out there helping and he's sticking around, being a good friend watching chris go back and forth, and let me tell you, this is a process. >> i can't believe people do this for fun. >> chris doesn't seem to find anything except this. >> what?
3:58 pm
>> is that a hammer? >> no. >> it was right on the top. >> beneath one little layer. >> you could see it through the snow. >> i don't believe this. >> chris freaks out. he's so happy. >> i found it! >> now time to get the old tried and true bag of rice. >> all right. >> the rice typically will dry electronics out, draw the moisture out of electronics. back to his friends that all doubted him, will the thing turn on? >> it is working! >> yeah. up and working a week after being buried in the snow. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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i am in the channel 2 weather center. just in time for the afternoon commute, heavy hours. we have had up to half an inch of rain in some locations. san jose has heavier rainfall on the south shore freeway. it will be slow and go. we have a lot of water showing up moving into the bay area. we could have


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